Here are the Top 10 Deer Hunting Snacks

Roaming in nature, especially when wanting to hunt, is a highly adventurous activity. Deer hunting, in particular, is quite a favorite among hunters. But it is incredibly draining also. It needs immense mental and physical alertness, all at the same time. 

It is a game of patience and power. It tests the hunter's endurance, making it vital for hunters to stay energized at all times. But what does one eat when going deer hunting? It can't be too much; it can't be too less. It has to be just the right snack that provides enough nutrition to keep them active and on their toes.

Let us look at some exciting deer hunting snack options that are versatile, tasty, and full of nutrition. 

Good Old Sandwich

If you like bread, you would like this snack a lot. Sandwiches can be very filling, especially when you load them with nutritious meat slices or vegetables like tomato, lettuce, or cucumber. You can also go for the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Ham and cheese sandwiches work well as a deer hunting snack too. 

Beef jerky / Meat Stick

We all know the problem with sandwiches getting soggy and releasing their fluids as time passes. You can avoid that hassle by switching to more viable options that last all day. That is why Beef jerky / Meat Sticks usually serves as the best deer hunting snack. 

Beef jerky / Meat Sticks loads you up with protein, thus helping you maintain your energy levels. The bag of beef jerky is waterproof, lightweight, convenient, and easy to carry. This way, you can easily avoid the headache of packing or stuffing it in your travel bag. Plus, with the variety and flavors of beef jerky available at Long John Snacks, you will get a lot of choices too!


Sausage is a good source of protein and fat. Usually, different sausages such as pepperoni, salami, and chorizo are preferred by different people. Each of which is incredibly delicious and consists of cured meat. 

Sunflower Seeds

Munching on sunflower seeds provides the required nutrition and keeps you busy while you wait. However, spitting these seeds on the ground can alert deers. Hence, it is recommended that you carry a bag or bottle to dispose of or spit them out. 

Energy Bars

Designed to provide instant energy, you can carry a few energy bars during your hunting trip. Energy bars are slightly different from protein bars or granola bars. They can serve as an emergency energy snack.  

Trail Mix

For ages, a great hunting snack, trail mix has been a favorite with hunters, hikers, and backpackers. It is a staple for the people who live an adventurous life. It can be brought ready-made, or can even be made easily at home. 

It usually consists of a generous mix of dried fruits, sunflower seeds, cereal, coconut chips, dried cherries, cereal, peanuts, chia seeds, raisins, pumpkin seeds, almonds, chocolate chips, and pretzels. But it is entirely upon you to select your favorite ingredients for your deer hunting trail mix. Load them all in a sealable plastic bag, and you're good to go! 

Fruits & Dry Fruits

Fruits are all-natural, sumptuous, and easy to pack snacks to carry on your hunting trip. However, avoid delicate fruits like peaches and grapes because they might get crushed in your backpack. This can cause leakage and ruin your backpack. You can carry oranges or apples for better safety.

Dried fruits can provide similar nutrition without the risk of spoilage as whole natural fruits. However, it would be better to avoid dried fruits with a lot of sugar content for better alertness. 

Meat Sticks

Meat sticks are another great option that can serve as a deer hunting snack. These beauties are individually wrapped and are incredibly lightweight and convenient. Just unwrap, and eat as and when you like. You can go for beef sticks,  as they are composed of 100% beef. Beef sticks are preferred because they are all-natural, a good source of protein, and tasty at the same time! 


Crackers can be a good snack if you need a break from sweet beverages or fruits. Cheesy, salty, and a tad spicy, too, crackers are available in all varieties. Crackers can serve as a great deer hunting snack as something savory, energy-giving, and enjoyable. Just ensure that you don't make a very loud crunch when you bite on them!  

String Cheese

String cheese is small, lightweight, and basically, easy-to-carry. It is a great snack that packs a punch of protein and calcium with each bite. It can even fit your pocket. So, don't forget to pack in a few slices of string cheese to help your cravings. 

Final Words

Hunting is a great adventure, and it can give you a high that lasts a lifetime. However, it is essential to prepare well for the adventure. Ensure you carry a lot of fluids to keep yourself hydrated. Other than just tea and coffee, you should also focus on the intake of water or sports drinks. It is also recommended to stock up on hunting snacks, especially Beef jerky / Meat Sticks. Because, honestly, when it comes to hunting snacks, there's nothing better than Long John's beef jerky